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I am currently completing my Masters of Divinity at George Fox Seminary.  My most recent project is the picture book for grown-ups Downside Up: A Gospel Story, Re-Dreamed.  Learn more at www.DownsideUpJesus.com

My writing has also been featured at theOOZE.comOff The Map, The Next Wave, and in Relevant Magazine, among other magazines, e-zines and blogs. I am a contributing writer in Out of theOOZE (NavPress), Church of the Perfect Storm (Abingdon Press) and Banned Questions About Jesus (Chalice Press).

I was raised a non-denominational, born again, pentecostal, Religious Right Republican.  And some of the people I love most still are.  

I used to pick fights with liberals... then I accidentally became one.

I am interested in civil rights, advocacy, and good natured conversations between liberals and conservatives. I live in Oregon with my wife (a minister in the United Church of Christ) and son.

... I'm also a lover of reading, and genre fiction in particular, so I'll post some of my book reviews from time to time.  Try not to judge my nerdity.


Wes said...


Good morning from Colorado. Your invite to be a Facebook friend caught me by surprise, in part because you are from Corvallis. I grew up just to the west of there in Philomath.

We've good friends in Corvallis...the Phil part of John and Phil's Toyota. Phil and Sharon Doud have been friends for several decades now.

Reading through your blog site and your information...this olde man say, "You go!" I agree with the intent of your content. :-)

And now I've signed on to receive your blog posts (I hope), so know that you have a new fan here in the Rockies. I'm a leadership mentor...a bit on the edge of things...and thus many of my age think I've fallen off my perch because my views have changed, for the good, over the years. My guess is we could have some lively and welcome conversations.

One of the men I mentor here in CO is getting his doctorate at George Fox, and is going to be doing some teaching with Len Sweet. His name is Tom Davis, and I will signal an invitation on FB for you two to link up.

Next time we're in Corvallis, I would welcome some time with you. And keep me posted on your current heresies and radical hopes for the future. Sincerely, our would needs more men like you!!!

...Wes Roberts (PS...check out my own blog by Googling me, and you'll find it a TypePad blog)

Peter J Walker said...

It's a small world, Wes! Very cool. I've bought two cars from John and Phil!

I'm looking forward to getting to know you better, and make sure to touch base next time you're out this way. Would love to connect.

I'll definitely keep an eye on your blog. Glad to meet you,


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