The book is out!

Incredible.  Two years ago, my son was born and while on paternity leave, I had an incredible opportunity to pitch a book idea I'd been toying with for years: a picture book for grown ups about Jesus, the church, what went wrong (REALLY wrong) and what hope - if any - was left.

I had been beating my head against the wall trying to drum up interest from publishers, but without the visuals to bring the concept alive, it wasn't resonating.

When Christian Piatt told me about a contest through his venture CrowdScribed I jumped at the opportunity to pitch this to my friends and family and try to build enough online interest to make the project fly.  I won a publishing package, and two years later, Downside Up is the result!

It wouldn't have happened without the loving care and buy in from artist Stacey Chomiak.  She brought my rhyme and verse - and truly my vision - to life, and I'm so grateful for the partnership.

I'm going to start posting more here at to share more about the book, and about my experiences trying to get the word out.

If you like the concept, I could use your help.  Order the book at or Barnes and Noble, REVIEW the book online, and please tell your friends and family.  Let's start a dialogue about transforming the church - and the world - with some kindness.


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