Book Review: "Station Eleven"

Station Eleven
Emily St. John Mandel

Station ElevenI'm getting tired of post-apocalyptic literature, but sometimes a book like this emerges, just barely using the genre to tell a fresh story about well-realized characters. Peter Heller's wonderful "Dog Stars" impacted me similarly, although his story illustrated too much brutality to call it an "enjoyable" read. 

"Station Eleven" is a delicate, beautiful, maudlin narrative plunged into the middle of pandemic apocalypse. St. John Mandel's prose is crisp and affectionate for her characters - she somehow manages a page-turner, although the overall action is a fairly slow build, subdued and almost anti-climatic if you allow yourself to assume that one of the plot points is the driving force of the book. It isn't. 

This is about relationships, love, nostalgia and regret, and it's a really satisfying read.

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