Book Review: Rohr's "From Wild Man to Wise Man"

From Wild Man to Wise Man
Richard Rohr

From Wild Man to Wise Man: Reflections on Male SpiritualityThis book has been life-changing for me, particularly in how I think about my own identity, masculinity, and my role as father and husband.

As a feminist and a progressive, I feel like a lot of the language to talk about healthy masculinity has been co-opted by caricatures of alpha males and misogynists. It's hard to talk about maleness without raising alarms. I say that not as an example of "victimization" or reverse discrimination. It is the natural result of a long history of patriarchy and narrow gender roles. The truth is, however, that there are real differences between men and women, and all of us need appropriate spiritual and life practices, disciplines and resources to explore those uniquely male and female markers (I am also aware that last sentence leaves out folks who do not identify by one of those two labels, and there needs to be resources for them as well, of course).

I have read Rohr's book as a companion to Bly's "Iron John," and it's made Bly much more approachable and comprehensible. I highly recommend.

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