Blogging... And why?

When I started blogging here at back in 2004, it was very early in my personal faith exploration.  I had been a lifelong Evangelical, and was firmly rooted (or so I thought) in the Assemblies of God.

Little by little, questions began rearing their ugly little heads - doubts about what I believed, or why I believed, and they weren't going away.  As several of my friends came out of the closet, certain "theological questions" stopped being theological and started getting personal, and I was confronted with a choice: to hold rigidly to the things I was raised to believe, or to prayerfully begin exploring other ways of being Christian.

I began attending George Fox Evangelical Seminary in 2005, the same year I married Jennifer.  At the time, Jennifer was just about done with Christianity.  She said, "Peter, you can do whatever you want, but I am not going to be a pastor's wife."  Seven years later, I'd become a pastor's husband.

Life has a funny way of stripping away all our expectations and assumptions.  Or rather, God has a funny way...  In 2004 I began pulling on loose threads as a faithfully-questioning Evangelical.  Several years later, I was ready to reject almost everything good I had been raised with.

In subsequent years, with one foot planted firmly in the progressive mainline United Church of Christ tradition, and the other foot still toe-touching the broad Evangelicalism at George Fox, I find myself caught between two worlds and frustrated at how difficult it is to bring them into dialogue with one another.

I wrote Downside Up as some kind of attempt to speak to both sides, and to people who have pretty much given up on the whole church thing altogether.

Which camp do you fit into?

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