Downside Up: An Illustrated Kids Book for Grown-Ups

I haven't been blogging very often since my peak in maybe 2010.

Since that time, I've been finishing my M.Div, had a baby in early 2014, and many of you voted for me last year to win a publishing package through!  Thank you!

Since then, I've been working on this project with my new friend Stacey Chomiak.  Stacey is an incredibly gifted illustrator who has gotten on board with bringing the silly, rhyming verse of Downside Up to visual life...

There’s a story we know, and some of us believe
But it changes with time, like a quilt that we weave
And we might call it “Truth” or you might call it “spin
Or it could be redemption: a hope to transcend…

But it may be the cause of the trouble we’re in.

Super excited, so stay tuned.

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