700 Club Reminders... What lies have you bought into?

Yesterday I went to my mechanic to have my car worked on.  While in the waiting room, I was distressed to find the 700 Club on TV.  There were too many people sitting there (transfixed) to suggest changing the channel, so I resorted to posting the following on Facebook...

I'm once again stuck in front of the 700 Club while my car is serviced. The plight of minorities and marginalized people becomes so much clearer when listening to this monologue: the conservative religious right has totally self identified in America as an endangered, "persecuted" minority. As long as this delusion exists, there is little hope for the liberation of genuinely marginalized groups, and the Gospel is bound and gagged.  
...It's easier to understand my own adolescent conservatism given the strategic consistency of this Christianized reinterpretation of current events.  
...But progressives: take hope! Most conservative Christians I know simply haven't heard another way of being, or haven't felt "permission" to see Jesus Christ through another lens. Love, gentleness, patience, kindness... These fruits of the Spirit change hearts and eventually, minds... And ultimately: the WORLD!  
...It's interesting. There is a strong anti-corporate, holistic-health ethos to this program. There is ground ripe for common cause (which I said at the start of the Tea Party, and could have almost walked alongside Occupy if Progressives had seized the opportunity) but the voices behind 700 Club and the religious Right are ideologically and financially beholden to Conservative think tanks and massive conservative political dollars. I guess that's a problem not unlike the Democratic corporate establishment.

I let Pat Robertson's tone get the better of me. Conservative Evangelicals are my church and family of origin, and I love them deeply. But I grieve at the way I see people I care about manipulated spiritually and emotionally for what are clearly political and economic motives.

I'm not so naive as to think Democrats aren't under a similar spell. There is too much fear in conversations about religion, politics, and culture. If "perfect love casts out fear," then the tone of our rhetoric and our hearts has to change. 

Jesus said, "If you know what these words meant, 'I desire mercy, not sacrifice,' you would not have condemned the innocent."

There is deceit coming from every corner of our consumptive, corporatized culture.  What lies have you bought into?

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