"A Message to the Feds, Sincerely, We the People" - Nas

Lyrics come to mind that seem fitting with some of my current reading:

A message to those who trapped us up, 
from federal guys who backed them up
We never will die, we black and tough, 
lead in your eye, we strapped to bust
Half of us been locked up inside the beast, 
look at the time we see
Brooklyn to Compton streets, 
even the Congolese dreams.
Our bullets and triggers our enemies pullin' on innocent women and children.
It wasn't no ghetto killers who mixed up the coke and put guns in our buildings.
But I'm not gon' cry, 
and I'm not gon' stand, just watch you die,
I'ma pass you a .9, 
I'ma grab your hand -- come on let's ride.

A message to those who killed the king,  who murdered the Christ--the same regime, 
what God has built you never can break,
What God has loved you never can hate. 
Man makes 
rules and laws,
You just a ruthless dog, 
your kennel is waiting,
You devils will run back into the caves you came from.
Whenever that day comes, forty-acres, plantations, 
see every race won.
Sincerely yours, 
Street's Disciple, 

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