Emerging Christian is... Back (?) Sort of.

Wow.  Back in February, 2011 I converted my blog from Blogger to Wordpress.  And was never really happy with the move.

I was told by a developer that by having my blog on Wordpress, and having it hosted with my own paid webhost, would cause my site traffic to "EXPLODE."  That didn't happen.  I guess I had my Blogger site well-optimized.  And I found the updates and customization through Blogger much easier than Wordpress ever was.  I know Wordpress allows for more thorough customization, but for a code-novice like me, Wordpress proved to be a TON of work.

So I'm glad to be back on Blogger.

I can't say I'm planning to do a lot more blogging here at EmergingChristian.com than I did before.  But I'm already feeling how much easier and intuitive it is, and I know if the itch strikes, I'll be ready.

Meanwhile, I may look at reposting some 2011-2013 archived posts from the now-defunct Wordpress site...

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