WARNING: BLOG MIGRATION - This could be painful (for me)

I'm in the process of migrating this blog from Blogger (for the last 5+ years, since late 2004!) to Wordpress.

Well, I shouldn't say I am.  I'm kind of an idiot about the technical stuff, but it's been long enough, and I've had enough folks "strongly recommend it" that I've decided to bite the bullet and step out.  It could get ugly (hell, I don't know, maybe it'll be beautiful!) but I honestly have no idea how this will impact the look and feel of the blog in the short term.

Long term, I understand this will improve interface, look, feel, quality, user experience, MY experience, and hopefully overall traffic to the site (which makes for more and better dialogue at www.EmergingChristian.com!) but short term - well - who likes change?  C'mon?  Really?

Anyway, bear with me.  Hang in here.  If the site goes down for a few hours, keep checking in, it's only temporary.  I'll be back.  It'll be better than ever.

Talk to you soon.

E-mail me at peter@emergingchristian.com!



Existential Punk said...

YAY! YOU'RE FINALLY DOING IT PETE! I AM SO VERY PROUD OF YOU!!! Hope you have some technical help!

Peter said...

A little, but design wise, it's gonna take some time! I know that WordPress is so much better, but blogger is so much EASIER with layout editing!!

Existential Punk said...

Yea, but Blogger is clunky looking and WordPress is smoother and prettier! Are you going to be able to migrate ALL your posts over smoothly and seamlessly do you think?

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