"Got God?" Really? That's Your Pitch?

I just drove by a church this morning, and that was the poster on the side of their building... like, it just occured to them that the "Got Milk" ad campaign from the early 1990s might be a great way to get people to consider conversion to Christianity.  Particularly, in a small, rural, conservative, blue collar community, where I'm sure at least 90% of the population would identify as Christian, "GOT GOD?" is going to be the dynamic tagline that sends them pouring through the front doors on Sunday morning.

The sad thing is, this church is one of the few liberal mainlines in this little town.  I'm cheering them on.  But c'mon.  A 20 year-old milk commercial?  Which itself was already parodied and even used by plenty of evangelical churches in its own time?



nate said...

As much as I struggle to control my cynicism, I'm gonna give in for just a sec here. When it comes to many elements of Christianity, there seems to be an utter lack of imagination. All the marketing slogans (as if they're necessary) are stolen, Christian music is ripped off mainstream "secular" work, 1/2 the church services I've gone to in the past several years are based off motivational speaking format, and all the power point slides are rip offs of pop slogans and/or commercial logos. Just saw a modified "star bucks" logo a few months ago meant to be a metaphor for God-knows-what.


Peter said...

I know, I know, I'm not exactly being helpful here, but...

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