"Got God?" Really? That's Your Pitch?

I just drove by a church this morning, and that was the poster on the side of their building... like, it just occured to them that the "Got Milk" ad campaign from the early 1990s might be a great way to get people to consider conversion to Christianity.  Particularly, in a small, rural, conservative, blue collar community, where I'm sure at least 90% of the population would identify as Christian, "GOT GOD?" is going to be the dynamic tagline that sends them pouring through the front doors on Sunday morning.

The sad thing is, this church is one of the few liberal mainlines in this little town.  I'm cheering them on.  But c'mon.  A 20 year-old milk commercial?  Which itself was already parodied and even used by plenty of evangelical churches in its own time?


WARNING: BLOG MIGRATION - This could be painful (for me)

I'm in the process of migrating this blog from Blogger (for the last 5+ years, since late 2004!) to Wordpress.

Well, I shouldn't say I am.  I'm kind of an idiot about the technical stuff, but it's been long enough, and I've had enough folks "strongly recommend it" that I've decided to bite the bullet and step out.  It could get ugly (hell, I don't know, maybe it'll be beautiful!) but I honestly have no idea how this will impact the look and feel of the blog in the short term.

Long term, I understand this will improve interface, look, feel, quality, user experience, MY experience, and hopefully overall traffic to the site (which makes for more and better dialogue at www.EmergingChristian.com!) but short term - well - who likes change?  C'mon?  Really?

Anyway, bear with me.  Hang in here.  If the site goes down for a few hours, keep checking in, it's only temporary.  I'll be back.  It'll be better than ever.

Talk to you soon.

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"Higher Education is a Faith-Killer"

A pastor told me that, six years ago.  It was after I had graduated college, but a warning as I explored seminary.  I  remembered my father telling me sometime in the midst of adolescence how many Christians who pursued seminary education often wound up losing their faith.  "Very sad," I thought, and so did he.

But losing one's faith and losing one's certainty are not the same thing.  That's what I've been writing about so much, for so long.  I don't believe that faith has an opportunity for air - it cannot even manifest - until certainty is finally put to rest.

I am uncertain.

Ah, here is something that looks like faith...

“Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!” (Mark 9:24)

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