Wow.  It's not just James Dobson.  Lot's of conservatives apparently want you to be literally afraid of any Christian efforts to care for God's creation.

Just in case you thought there was something generally good that most people - even conservative Evangelicals - could largely stand behind, don't get too optimistic.

An Evangelical group called "The Cornwall Alliance" has a website, movement, 12-part DVD series, and all sorts of fear-mongering to go with it, under the name RESISTING THE GREEN DRAGON.

Watch!  Enjoy!  Lots of different fonts!  Lots of experts!  Lots of close-ups of nature!  Close-ups on babies!  Words like "worldview!" White men (a.k.a. "Leading Christian Experts!").  It just doesn't get any better!

The Huffington Post writes:

The hyperbolic accusations spewed throughout the video give it the appearance of a ridiculous parody, calling environmentalism "deadly," a "cult" and a "spiritual deception." Unfortunately, the comical PSA is anything but a joke.
In the video, David Barton, founder of WallBuilders, attests that environmentalists' "false assertions are based more on their own morbid pessimistic fears, not on any good science," while the president of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, Dr. Richard Land, says, "Environmentalists have a long history of believing and promoting exaggerations and myths" -- statements both so steeped in irony that they are hardly worth parrying.
Not surprisingly, James Dobson and many of his Focus on the Family cronies are behind this effort.

Honestly, whether you're theologically liberal or conservative should have no bearing on this issue.  It's not a political question.  It's not an economic one.  The politicization and monetization of stewardship and earthkeeping is simply deplorable and unconscionable - a violent recontextualization of anything canonical in regards to Creation.  To argue against Christian stewardship isn't a tenable position for us within the Church.  That is a position for capitalists, corporatists, and perhaps imperialists.

We may as well be arguing against peace, compassion, alms and charity... Virtues which are too-rapidly being swallowed by the contemporary zeitgeist of fascism and plutocracy.


Adam said...

Looks like they need to lay off "the green dragon".

Peter said...

What did you say?
Sorry. I couldn't hear you bro. It's kinda hazy in here...

Uriel Sakarhim said...

I think, it's kind of funny in a sad way, how poverty is cynicaly used as an "argument" against engagement for the enviroment...if well fed, wealthy people accuse anyone of blindness for the poor, how to take THAT serious at all?

tmamone said...

In that case, Dobson better stay away from my man Jonathan Merritt's "Green Like God" (one of the best arguments for creation care, IMHO). Some ultra-conservative Christians still can't believe that Merritt is an evangelical Southern Baptist!

Oh, and I think my friends and I used to call weed "the green dragon" back in the day.

WKen said...

So, they're playing Dungeons and Dragons, now?

When did the Religious Right start that? I thought it was going to make all of our kids into witches and warlocks.

I guess that actually works. They could fight green dragons, red dragons, and certainly those black dragons. Not sure what a blue dragon would be.

I don't think that they'll get bent out of shape about white dragons, though ... just a thought.

(A weird thought, I admit.)

tmamone said...

Also, I'd like to know who they are actually referring to as "radical environmentalists?" Are they talking about eco-terrorists who use violence? Or are they talking about peaceful environmentalists like Wendell Berry who challenge the way we consume the planet? My theory is they're probably lumping both Berry and the Animal Liberation Front together.

Tobias said...

To be fair, there is also a white woman. :)

But seriously, when I first saw this video, I was sure it was The Onion. Then I thought, maybe it is a scheme to make Christians looks stupid. Finally I realized that probably many people will fall for this kind of nonsense. Very sad.

Tobias said...

By the way, Dobson should adopt this terminology for their fight against the "gay agenda". Resisting the Pink Dragon would be kind of cute.

Peter said...


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