Webcast: Change the world, starting RIGHT THERE!

This is hardly intellectual fare, but it's been forever since I've shared an actual webcast video here.  Lots of weird little XtraNormal.com animals.

I talk a lot about advocacy, and I believe that the best place to start changing the world is with the people around us.

If we want to be changed, ourselves, the best place to start is by listening to the people we know and love, and by choosing to love and pay attention to more and more people, from more and more vantages.  This has been my story; this has been my change; and it's still happening.

Meanwhile, you might also enjoy the antics of Karl the cat.


Lutestring said...

you remind me to listen to others, as I have been listened to

Peter J Walker said...

Thanks Lute! Sorry I haven't responded to your e-mail yet. Coming soon! ;)

Lutestring said...


Tobias said...

Hey, thanks for sharing Peter. Indeed, video is more powerful then just the written word. Thanks for offering your thoughts and thanks to Karl for the comic relief (I so wish I had a cat).

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