You may disagree.  In fact, I imagine a lot of my readers gloss over my wordier rants, and gravitate toward the one-liners and pictures of Jesus riding dinosaurs or holding a rifle.  That's fine.  But here are MY favorite posts from 2010!

  1. Adele & Peter: Conversations on Queer & Christian
    This was the first of a powerful series of video chats I did with my good friend Adele, from  I was impacted deeply by our time together, and it really demonstrates the potential power of webcast over text blogging, at times.
  2. How We Choose Beliefs (because we ALL do)
    You may not have realized it, and many of you pushed back with EXTREMELY important counterbalances and challenges to my initial assumptions, but this was the first post where I clearly articulated (for myself) a belief that our personal theology and spirituality is based on personal choices.  Huge implications.
  3. Two Roads Diverged in a Yellow Wood... 
  4. Evangelicals: Don't Be Afraid of the "L" Word...
  5. Post 480 - Politics, Hope, Left, Right & The Suicide Machine 
  6. Post 500: On Deconstruction - 'Welcome to Emerging...
  7. Emerging Christianity: Advocating & Liberating
  8. Neutrality Plays Into the Hands of the Powerful 
  9. Why we need a Robin Hood; Why we wouldn't tolerate him
  10. To Be Or Not To Be: Dreaming of Kingdom, Comfort, Or... 

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