I Made a Mistake at 'RecycleYourFaith.com' - On Homosexuality

I'm ready and willing to admit when I'm wrong, or when I've been a real dick.

Last night I was exploring www.RecycleYourFaith.com, and found a series called 'Four Perspectives on Homosexuality.'  It's a set of videos featuring four different individuals, discussing their varied Christian views and beliefs on homosexuality.

The overview reads:
*     *     *

CLINT CLINE is the brains behind a number of ad campaigns for pro-family advocacy groups.
>>watch Clint’s video Help Confused as Hate

KATHY BALDOCK is a conservative evangelical who had a change of heart and theology after befriending a gay woman.
>>watch Kathy’s video Reconsidering the Bible and Homosexuality

ADAM HOOD became straight after an encounter with God in San Francisco’s Castro District.
>>watch Adam’s video Homosexuality is a Sin

RICH McCULLEN, a pastor in San Diego, used billboards to apologize to gay Californians after proposition 8 passed.
>>watch Rich’s video On the Wrong Side of History

*     *     *

I watched most or all of all four videos, including all of Rich McCullen's.  While I like the idea of bringing multiple views to the table (I have friends with a lot of different views) I was struck that none of the videos seemed to feature an actual queer Christian.

Frustrated with too much hipster-Christianity that talks a good game about homosexuality without really dealing with the theological underpinnings (I call it: CULTURAL BAIT-AND-SWITCH) or actually inviting LGBT folks to the table, I responded:

I’m a little baffled about the “four views.” None represents an “out,” queer Christian. I appreciate the effort, but it’s not acceptable to have a conversation about LGBT Christians without inviting them to the table. You can do better.
Then I added a post on this blog about my 'righteous' reflections on the ordeal.  Mercifully, my friend Adele Sakler (www.Queermergent.com) e-mailed me within minutes: "Peter, Rich McCullen IS gay."


I deleted the post, the link on my facebook, and went back to RecycleYourFaith.com.  I wrote:
Okay friends,
I owe you an apology. My friend Adele Sakler (www.Queermergent.com) just gave me a heads up that Rich McCullen HIMSELF is queer. Sorry for the premature response – I didn’t do my homework. Since Rich didn’t say anything about his own orientation in the video, I assumed he was a straight pastor preaching solidarity.
Props. But I wish there had been an identifier, so we (I) knew the topic was being addressed more holistically.
(I thought a ‘tail between my legs’ follow up would be better than requesting deletion)
Craig Spinks, the site host, commented and we had some dialogue that followed.  You might enjoy reading, here.

Long-and-short: assumptions are dangerous, especially on the blogosphere.  You should check out RecycleYourFaith.com - not just because I feel guilty for being quick to judge, but because there's some really interesting stuff there.


Al said...

This is one of the reasons I really like you, Peter. You are real. You live up to the reputation of your sainted namesake (as do the rest of us who aren't named after him). And you know how to apologize, and move on.

Passion and compassion might get you into hot water sometimes, but it will also win you some incredible friends.

Peter J Walker said...

You're a good friend, Al. Thank you.

Deidra said...

I agree with Al. I really appreciated your honesty here - and your apology. We could use more of that in this world of ours.

Existential Punk said...

i am proud to call you friend and brother Pete! i absolutely LOVE and adore you! Thanks also for your humility and for your steadfastness as an ally to my community!

WKen said...

I'm sorry, but you now have to shut this whole blog down.

Integrity and humility aren't allowed on the internet. The correct response to finding out that you were wrong is to tell louder and call people names.

Or ... kudos to you, Peter. It takes a person of integrity to admit a mistake.

Peter J Walker said...

Ken, I like option - A. Sounds sort of relaxing ;)


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