From Friar Rohr's Daily Meditations:


Sunday, December 12, 2010 
Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

How do we also give birth as Mary did?
We tend to manage life more than just live it.  We are all over stimulated and drowning in options.  We are trained to be managers, to organize life, to make things happen.  That is what built our First World culture.  It is not all bad, but if you transfer it to the spiritual life, it is pure heresy.  It is wrong.  It doesn’t work.  It is not gospel. 
If Mary was trustfully carrying Jesus during this time, it is because she knew how to receive spiritual gifts, in fact the spiritual gift.  She is probably the perfect example of how fertility and fruitfulness break into this world.

I can relate to over-stimulation, drowning in options, fighting to "manage" everything!  We we release our control and our obsessive need to act!  May we become pregnant with something beyond our control - beyond our understanding - beyond our capacity to create ourselves...

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