Consumption: Lining Up For Our Own Demise

Think of the savings!
I work in a small, rural town of about 15,000 people.

They have a Safeway, a Super Walmart (with a grocery), a Shop N'Kart (discount grocer), and a Grocery Outlet (discount grocery).

On Monday morning, a fifth grocery store opened: another discount grocer.  And yet, at 7:30am, the day after Christmas weekend, 30 minutes before the store opened, folks were LINED UP to get into this place.  FOR WHAT?!

10% Off!
What does that say about us?

What does that say about our society?

Are we so brainwashed to consume that we line up for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING?

(I mean, at least Black Friday deals had some pretty cool TVs)

Are we so desperate to find purpose through our meager participation in capitalism that we wait for nothing more than a different building to buy generic laundry detergent and factory farmed chicken meat?

Third World America: How Our Politicians Are Abandoning the Middle Class and Betraying the American Dream [Hardcover]I hate to sound like a downer, right at the brink of New Year's Eve.  It's always an exciting time: an end to a rough year -- hope for a better next year.  But ours is a dying culture.  Arianna Huffington paints a compelling image of our demise in Third World America, and we're queuing up, celebrating self-destruction with credit cards in hand.  "Black Friday" will be our dying gasp if something doesn't change...

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