Argument on Identity & with a Ugandan Missionary

I asked my friend Aaron for permission to re-post what he wrote in his facebook bio.  It's his recounting of an argument he had with a Ugandan missionary, concerning "homosexuality" (I know this is not an ideal word to use).  I think his response to the missionary reveal a really beautiful spirit that I'd like to share with you.

Excerpts from an Argument with a Ugandan Christian Missionary
Aaron said:
This isn't only about sex. People like me have been written out of the history of the church. Remnants of Eunuchs scattered about the pages and ridiculed by modern thought. We do not know God through the Bible and through Church. We know God through our heart. As I know myself through the heart.
The books will burn, the churches will crumble. America and Uganda will fall into the sea. But my unsatisfied heart will fly from me at death to the place it chooses and will be contented in freedom.
I love you Kitiibwa. You are strong and handsome too. I am not trying to convince you. I am telling you how things are seen through these eyes. And how my heart is in sorrow and unsatisfied. Not that I do not love properly but because I was loved improperly by all but a few and the Mystery that is Creator.Until my people are understood instead of condemned, we will never know our wholeness as a beautiful creation. One and All.

I think Aaron could give the rest of us a few lessons on gracious dialogue.  "I love you Kitiibwa.  You are strong and handsome too.  I am not trying to convince you.  I am telling you how things are seen through these eyes..."

Thanks Aaron.  I really was inspired when I read this over the weekend.

No book that is used to kill will tell me better than what my heart knows. God lives there.

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