"Another one bites the dust!" (Televangelistic Cliches)

Lots of cheap (cruel) jokes come to mind with the recent disclosure of sexual impropriety by televangelist Marcus Lamb.  The reality is, it's sad.

But what REALLY makes me sad are the reasons Lamb disclosed in the first place: 7.5 million reasons.
The couple explained that there were three people who said they would expose the affair if the couple's ministry did not pay them $7.5 million. (CNN Belief Blog)
Pretty heartening, eh?  So if not for the blackmail... no disclosure.

And maybe it's none of our damn business.  No maybe: it really isn't.  Except that when Lamb and his wife Joni spout their simplistic, family-values (anti-gay) formula for Christian living (and Christian prosperity!) it becomes our business, because they're selling a product that's an illusion.  False advertising.

Don't buy it.

Don't judge Marcus Lamb for being a hypocrite.  We're all hypocrites.  None of us lives up to our ideals.  But not all of us are getting rich off the desperate religiously-charged expectations of the masses, dutifully sending financial donations to a massive non-profit staffed by millionaires.

Here's a photo of a bunch of millionaires, all together.  They look happy and successful.


Rhiannon Y Orizaga said...

For a while I considered becoming one of those people who writes a bestselling Christian self-help book and makes a billion dollars off of gullible folk who will buy anything if it's from the right store.
Then I decided my integrity was worth more.

Anthony said...

Do you really think everyone is a hypocrite? I was sort of hoping there were some individuals on earth at any given time who are truly authentic. Not that I've ever been one of them. In my old age I still don't always practice what I preach, but I try my best not to preach what I don't practice. If you know what I mean...

Peter J Walker said...

Been there too! And I'd like to get a book deal myself someday, so it's hard to know what actually happens when faced with "success" or $$. I hope and pray I will remain committed to my integrity and values. I intend to...

Anthony, I hear you, and 'hypocrisy' might be a strong word for folks who are are really, genuinely trying. I just don't know anyone who always manages to consistently live their values and ideals. That's where I was pointing. We always screw it up somehow. But I don't buy into the idea of 'total sanctification' (which I grew up with) and that's the theological assumption I'm kind of pointing to. If that makes sense. I don't mean to come off as overly harsh, though...

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