XtraNormal: What Kind of Christian Are You?

This website, www.xtranormal.com is just too much fun!  This video is just my first try, but I wanted to highlight the "problem" of orthodoxy when there are 38,000 Christian traditions and denominations in the world.  What makes yours right?  Comes down to the "choice" I've been blogging about for some time...


Anonymous said...

Ok, here's my answer. Orthodoxy (small o) is not a problem if you are Orthodox (large O). The Eastern Orthodox Church is the Church which Jesus established.

I'm happy to respectfully dialog with you on this if you like.

God bless.

Peter J Walker said...

Very concise answer J! ;)

Anonymous said...

Forgive me if my short answer seems to be making light of your anguished search for Truth. But now that I've told you, whatcha gonna do about it?


Peter J Walker said...

No offense taken. And my search for truth isn't anguished - it's delightful!

"Now that I've told you, whatcha gonna do about it?"

What exactly have you told me? That you have the singular answer?

These just aren't very compelling questions, friend. Nor does it come across as very humble - more of a challenge. I'm not attracted to the dangled carrot of "THE" answer. I've found Jesus. I'm not looking for a system.

I'm glad you've found a church that speaks to you so clearly. I've visited an Eastern Orthodox Church in Portland fairly recently. I thought it was lovely, rich, compelling and captivating.

That said, I have no interest in committing myself to an ecclesiology that excludes women and queers from leadership.

Peter J Walker said...

And if you've read this blog for awhile, you may not think I have much place talking about humility - and you'd probably be right. Except that you seem to be evangelizing me. I used to do a lot of that myself, in a very less-than-humble way: "I've got the answers. You have a choice. If you don't choose Christ, you're wrong. Yada yada yada." It rarely (if ever) yielded friendship or conversion.

Anonymous said...

So you would have gladly listened to the advice of an anonymous stranger on the internet if only I had sounded more humble. Do you think that humble people aren't certain of the truth?

I'm glad that you've been exposed to an Orthodox temple. I hope that you also attended Liturgy. It will keep working on you. It hurts so good.


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