"Lord, Show Us Where and How We Are the Oppressors. Amen."

An online friend of mine recently went on a spiritual pilgrimage, and journaled during his time away.  He shared one of his written prayers with me, from during a church service he endured.  I so deeply appreciate his openness to self-exploration and his desire for the church (the established, Western church in particular) to become more self-aware:

"Father, please help us not to stop at praying for the Christians who are persecuted! Please open our eyes and show us where we ourselves take part in oppressing structures. Please help us to see the world through your eyes and show us the people we should be in solidarity with in our own country. Help us to love Muslims, the marginalized, those who fell through our social structures and all the other people without a voice, with your perfect love that knows no boundaries. Please forgive us, that we traded your Kingdom for our own comfort. Please help us understand the reason that we are not persecuted."

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