George Fox: Erhard S. Gerstenberger Guest Lecture

Tonight I'm up at George Fox Seminary, regular day, regular time, for a guest lecture by esteemed German theologian Erhard S. GerstenbergerI own one of his books and haven't quite finished it: Yahweh: The Patriarch : Ancient Images of God and Feminist Theology:
In [Yahweh the Patriarch] Gerstenberger inquires methodically into the various questions associated with the masculine imaging of God in the Old Testament. Gerstenberger's approach is even-handed, clarifying and sympathetic to feminist concerns. He maintains that the roots of discrimination against women cannot simply be attributed to a few biblical texts, and that the feminist movements of our time must be understood as a complex phenomena.

So far, it's been a fabulous read.

I'll be posting my class notes here throughout the evening...

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