Becky Garrison and Ken Loyd (HomePDX) Keep It Real...

Becky Garrison just published a great little piece on her interview with Portland's Ken Loyd, of HomePDX.  I had the pleasure of meeting Ken, with Becky, several weeks ago on a visit to the HomePDX community.

The transparency demonstrated in this article is the sort of "authenticity" that Emergent-type Christians talk about all the time, but seem to have no real interest in embodying.  Too much personal sacrifice, too raw, too unsafe and uncomfortable...  And worst of all: you can't sell books if people know your spiritual answers haven't led to "your best life."

In Becky's article, Ken says:

Ken Loyd
 When we first started HomePDX in Portland in 2007, people used to say three things to us: “you listen,” “you care” and “you’re authentic.” My story is that as of today (October 21, 2010), I’m two years and 11 day sober and I’m struggling to stay sober. I’ve failed more than I’ve succeeded. Currently, I’m failing in many areas of my life. My connection is not on what I have but on my commonality with others in my broken humanity. If you go to the evangelical church, it’s all about how God will make you a success. I got saved and then this happened. That’s a testi-phony. God’s not going to make you a success. You’re going to be a loved failure. You’re going to succeed in some areas in your life, and you’re going to fail in some areas of your life. Most of us are going to be brokenhearted, clumsy and missing the evangelical goal of perfection. There are millions upon millions of people who have quietly put their head down and walked away from the church because they couldn’t live up to the standard they thought everybody else had attained.

Most of us in the Evangelical world would literally have to go through some kind of intensive, invasive deprogramming program to really manage genuine transparency.  Easier to say, "I'm a mess... and here's my book, only $22.95, where I explain how to get beyond the mess!"  Hello speaker circuit!

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