Arson at Local Mosque: Response to Portland Terror Attempt

A local guy made a terrorist attempt in Portland over the holiday weekend.  According to the Washington PostMohamed Osman Mohamud attempted to explode a bomb and kill thousands at Portland's central square nighttime Christmas tree lighting. The arrest was the result of a sting effort by the FBI, whose agents worked extensively with the man who assembled the fake bomb and twice tried to detonate Friday evening.  Mohamud was formerly a Corvallis, Oregon native.   Tragically, retaliation began against Corvallis' local mosque early this morning:
The damage from a fire at the Salman Alfarisi Islamic Center early Sunday did not amount to much in material loss. A chair and computer were destroyed in the blaze, which was contained to a single room in the two-floor structure. There were no injuries.  But the symbolic wound went far deeper. A place of worship had apparently been deliberately damaged just a day after one of its on-again, off-again members had been arrested in connection with the attempted bombing Friday night at the annual Christmas tree lighting in Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square, the government alleges. And Sunday morning, the charred pages of Islam's holy book, the Quran, sat side by side with the chair, the computer and the rest of the charred detritus...  
U.S. Attorney Dwight Holton not only visited the scene of the fire but also delivered a message of support and tolerance to the Islamic center's leaders and members.  
"Religious freedom is one of the pillars of American society," Holton said.  
A day before Sunday's fire, leaders at the Corvallis mosque had released a statement condemning the alleged bomb plot. 
"We denounce this horrible plot in the strongest terms and repudiate all those who commit such acts of mindless violence in the name of Islam," the statement said. "Islam is a religion of peace and these acts are not the legitimate acts of Muslims." 
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If secular society targeted Christians, every time Christians did something horrible, we'd probably have complete anarchy.  Islam is not our enemy.  Fear is our enemy, and it's one of the most powerful forces on earth.  But love is more powerful, still.


Existential Punk said...

This is such a sad commentary on our nation. Fear is the enemy Pete! i think Christians would be up in arms if this was them being targeted!

Adam said...

Wow. Attempted arson of a mosque in my own town? That's really disappointing. I'd prefer to pretend that sort of hate doesn't happen here.

WKen said...


Some terrorist tries an attack, so some terrorist retaliates.

It's nice to see that we're on our way to becoming an active war zone.

Peter J Walker said...

Adele, I totally agree.

Adam, I know what you mean. I'm sort of shocked when this sort of stuff happens in our little liberal haven.

Yup WKen, fire with fire. Flamethrower on a burning building. Makes sense.

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