White Rage: "Don't Tax Our TANS, OBAMA!"

Today a woman said to me, "I'm so angry at that Obama.  Do you know he's taxing tanning beds now?!"

"Really?" I asked with disinterest.

"That's racist!"  She said.  "Only white people tan.  That's prejudice against white people."

I smiled (eyebrows slightly raised).

She said, "Do you realize what would happen if all the white people rose up and said we're not gonna take this?!  Do you realize what that would do?!"

That's right.  It's about time white people rose up and finally said "ENOUGH" with the injustice and bigotry.  We've really had a raw deal for the last few thousand years. 

(we didn't survive the atrocities of 80s fashion, and the demeaning racial caricatures of Full House and Step By Step in the 90s just so we could lay down and take this taxation on our God-given right to cancerous orange skin)


Tammy said...

There simply are no words. Nope... can't think of one. Oh no I have one statement: I could get you snooki's addy for ya and the two of you chat it up!


WKen said...

Ah, yes ...

That institutionalized persecution of white folk.

It's pretty rough being a white guy here in America. I'm glad that you're highlighting this important issue.

Of tanning bed taxes. Targeting white people.

I'm going to guess ... Glenn Beck fan, was she?

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