Friends, I know I go on political diatribes from time to time, and you're generally very tolerant of me.  I know that for a lot of us who were tattooing "Obama-Biden 2008" on our assess a few years ago, the last couple of years have been a little disappointing.  I'm with you.  The change we wanted hasn't magically happened.  Was it supposed to?  Probably not, but I was high on groupthink and charisma.

(I also know that those of you who lean conservative, and think Obama is the scariest president in contemporary memory, have no clue how much more liberal the Democratic base is than its D.C. leadership... )

Today, my expectations are measured.  I don't think the world is going to change dramatically because of this president.  I don't think one administration can repair the damage that's been done domestically and globally by American imperialism, rampant corporate capitalism, and the military industrial complex.  But like Bill Maher recently said: "There's a difference between a disappointing friend and a deadly enemy."
You may be underwhelmed.  I am.  But there is a deadly enemy, and it's not about the label "(R)EPUBLICAN."  It's about whether or not corporations should be allowed to control our politics and inevitably our lives (that's called fascism by the way, and the result society is called a PLUTOCRACY) and it's about whether or not fear should be the driving motivator of American culture.

I donated ten bucks today.  President Obama sent an e-mail, and even though I know it went to hundreds of thousands of people, I took the time to read it.  He admits that things haven't gone the way he had hoped.  Maybe that's enough for me.  Maybe he wasn't supposed to make the necessary changes.  Maybe we were.  Maybe you'll think about it, too...

*     *     *
Peter --

I come into this election with clear eyes.

I am proud of all we have achieved together, but I am mindful of all that remains to be done.

I know some out there are frustrated by the pace of our progress. I want you to know I'm frustrated, too.

But with so much riding on the outcome of this election, I need everyone to get in this game.

Neither one of us is here because we thought it would be easy. Making change is hard. It's what we've said from the beginning. And we've got the lumps to show for it.

The fight this fall is as critical as any this movement has taken on together. And if we are serious about change, we need to fight as hard as we ever have.

The very special interests who have stood in the way of change at every turn want to put their conservative allies in control of Congress. And they're doing it with the help of billionaires and corporate special interests underwriting shadowy campaign ads.

If they succeed, they will not stop at making our work more difficult -- they will do their best to undo what you and I fought so hard to achieve.

There is no better time for you to start fighting back -- a fellow grassroots supporter has promised to match, dollar for dollar, whatever you can chip in today.
Please donate $10 -- and see who wants you to re-commit to this movement.

I know that sometimes it feels like we've come a long way from the hope and excitement of the inauguration, with its "Hope" posters and historic crowds on the National Mall.

I will never forget it. But it was never why we picked up this fight.

I didn't run for president because I wanted to do what would make me popular. And you didn't help elect me so I could read the polls and calculate how to keep myself in office.

You and I are in this because we believe in a simple idea -- that each and every one of us, working together, has the power to move this country forward. We believed that this was the moment to solve the challenges that the country had ignored for far too long.

That change happens only from the bottom up. That change happens only because of you.

So I need you to fight for it over the next 26 days. I need your time. I need your commitment. And I need your help to get your friends and neighbors involved.

If you bring in a new donor today, your $10 donation will become $20. And our Vote 2010 campaign will have twice the resources to make important investments like putting staff on the ground, providing materials for volunteers, and turning out millions of voters come Election Day.
Please donate $10 -- and renew your commitment today:

If we meet this test -- if you, like me, believe that change is not a spectator sport -- we will not just win this election. In the years that come, we can realize the change we are seeking -- and reclaim the American dream for this generation.

Thank you for being a part of it,

President Barack Obama

*     *     *

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