“The damn Body of Christ will make me poop!”

That’s what my wife said after participating in the Eucharist yesterday. She’s gluten intolerant, and although she planned on discreetly palming the wafer of Christ’s flesh while the priest wasn’t looking, she got intimidated, lost focus, and popped the tiny flour wafer before the wine quickly followed.

We visited Trinity Episcopal in Portland. It was a good experience, other than the impending gluten doom-to-come…

If only we believed in transubstantiation, she may have been safe.


shallowfrozenwater said...

my church community offers rice crackers as a gluten free substitute after my wife and a couple others asked for an option. not sure that "tradtional" churches will want to go that direction though.

Bad Alice said...

My husband is also gluten intolerant. He will palm the wafer/bread and then hand it to me later. I can’t simply toss the body of Christ, so I get a double helping.

My children are convinced that the body of Christ exists only in challah, specifically the white fluffy interior. They can’t understand why churches don’t use it instead of nasty wafers and dried-up pita bread.

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