You're a Rude Jerk!

Uh oh, did you read this?

Poll concludes Americans are getting ruder
Tom Barlow 
In a recent survey of American adults, 75% felt American adults are becoming ruder and less civilized. (You might wonder if the other 25% threatened to beat the stuffings out of the telephone pollster asking the question, but that was not the case.)
The phone poll, by Rasmussen Reports, found that only 10% of the responders felt that our countrymen and women were kinder and gentler; 15% were undecided. Those who felt most strongly that our country was becoming less polite were women under 40.

The pollster then asked those surveyed if they thought that the trend of rude behavior by celebrities and politicians (Joe Wilson shouting "You lie!" during President Obama's speech was cited as an example,) was making this worse. The responders were split on this hypothesis, 41% feeling that those episodes did add to the general rudeness, 38% feeling they didn't.
The lack of civility in our society is a serious problem, and it's growing.  If you don't agree, you're an asshole, and I'll punch you.


Al said...

I'd like to agree with you, but (please choose 1):
a) I'm a Canadian and we are much too polite to say rude things about anyone.
b) I'm a Canadian and I don't want y'all to come up our way and punch our lights out.
c) I'm a Canadian and we are having too much fun learning how to be savages by watching you guys.
d) All of the above.

Peter J Walker said...

a) Canadians are snobs.
b) You can't say "y'all" that far north.
c) Point taken.

Cheers, Al!

elly said...

There are different kinds of rude.

When (on a daily basis) you see people picking their nose in public, belching loudly and purposefully, taking a piss on the sidewalk in broad daylight, shoving other people to get to the front of a line... when, if you look a little different from other people, you are stared at, pointed at and talked about... when you are frequently asked questions like "how much money do you make? how much is your rent? why aren't you married? why don't you have any children?" by complete strangers...

...a few Americans speaking their (however unintelligent) minds doesn't sound so bad.

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