I've been in discussion with a lot of folks whose idealism allows them to stay "above the fray" of declaring political allegiance.  I can respect that.  Hell, I even admire it.  But I'm too cynical, too pragmatic, and maybe too base and "fallen" to be so balanced and thoughtful.


Lowering taxes is not going to repair a dissolving middle class.  Keeping gay marriage illegal isn't going to lower the crime rate or keep us safe from terrorists.  And nothing the enraged Right is proposing deals (IN ANY WAY) with taking care of widows and orphans, feeding the poor, protecting the marginalized, healing the sick, or any of the other things a politically-nonpragmatic 1st Century Jew destroyed his life by preaching.  He got himself killed.  He undermined a political uprising by his zealous followers.  He was completely impractical.  Sort of like going against the free market or condemning the military-industrial-complex.

I'm not saying that Democrats are like Jesus.  We're a mess.  A complete, politically-impotent, disaster of  parlor games, complacency, arrogance and laziness.  But at our best, we BELIEVE in greater things.  Our ideas are better.  Our hopes are higher.  

There's a rally taking place in Washington DC.  I won't be there (can't afford it) but it sounds like a party!  At the very least, I hope you get out and vote.

In less than 48 hours, tens of thousands of union members and civil, human, community and faith activists will be in the nation's capital for the historic One Nation Working Together march and rally. The Oct. 2 march will call for renewing the American Dream for all people--the antithesis of the fear-mongering dominating too much of the national conversation.
Nearly 200 progressive groups, including the AFL-CIO, NAACPNational Council of La Raza and many unions, have come together in One Nation, a multiracial, labor, civil and human rights movement whose mission is to reorder our nation's priorities to invest in our nation's most valuable resource--our people.
In an op-ed in today's Detroit Free PressUAW President Bob King says the march "will carry many messages, among them jobs, peace, equality and justice.

    But the most important message of all is hope and optimism.


WKen said...

Frankly, I'm torn.

I kind of like Kelly Ayotte, the Republican nominee for Judd Gregg's Senate seat. But do I want to vote for another Republican in the Senate?

Whether I have any party loyalty (and I don't), I have to consider the fact that she will.

I'm actually going to vote for the Democrat, liking the Republican better, because I don't want the GOP to take control right now.

It's a weird take on my voting habits ... but the idea of the Contract On America, v. 2.0 (or whatever they're calling it) and the Party of No in the majority scares the crap out of me.

Peter J Walker said...

That's an interesting place to be, Ken. Thanks for sharing. I can see myself being there at some point - but yeah, I'm not naive about the Democrats, I just can't imagine the GOP back in control, committed to "doing what we always do," as Boehner recently stated.


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