Living In Peace & Thankfulness? Or Egomaniacal Fantasy?

In a follow up to the previous post on purchasing a home, buying into the American Dream or feeling self-congratulatory for rejecting a normative lifestyle, I've been digging deeper into the foundational motives in me: what makes me tick.  I want to live with a deeper sense of peacefulness and thankfulness, but all sorts of things in me keep getting in the way...

Are we telling ourselves the truth?  Or are we placating ourselves, congratulating ourselves, numbing ourselves, torturing ourselves, sabotaging ourselves... the truth sets us free, but it can take a lot of digging to uncover what that truth is.  Even that very personal, existential truth.  Our own motives - comfort and self preservation - tend to undermine our efforts at being authentic.  We all have stories that we tell ourselves, about ourselves.  What's your story?

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