Closing in on 500 posts...

I'm not sure what an "impressive" number of blog posts is.  This one is #479.  I've been blogging here since 2004, and it's amazing to go way (WAY) back and look at the sort of things I was writing then.

I sometimes wonder if the Me in 2004 would be able to handle the Me of 2010.  Would I still validate my own Christianity?  Could I accept the beliefs and positions I have taken over the last few years?  Would I be scared back to conservatism, knowing the slippery slope I was on?

To be honest, I don't know.

I think I knew I was heading here.  I think I always carried a mix of unspoken anxiety and relief to be heading left...

But back to blogging: is there something monumental?  How should I commemorate?  I'm feeling maudlin, wanting to go back to the beginning of my process (as I already often do) and talk about the factors tickling at my brain and my spirit: "why do I believe this?  What COU LD I believe?"

But I don't want to be too self-indulgent (as if blogging ISN'T the epitome of self indulgence! ha!).

My recent post on vegetarianism and humane foods was part of that tugging to reapproach some of the common themes of the website.  I hope that one of the key themes, however, is constant changing - flip-flopping (like John Kerry on a bender) - shifting, evolving, adapting, reconsidering, repenting, and seeking.  As I do so, I pray I am pulled by the Spirit back to a constant refocus on faith, hope and love (the greatest of these is love).

Thanks for reading


Joan Ball said...

Thanks for writing!

Scott said...

This history of your thoughts, changes, journey (I hate that word) is impressive no matter the number of posts. I have enjoyed watching the struggle, particularly as someone who only really knew you in your youth. Congratulations on your determination to bend and grow, and your willingness to do that in an environment where others could participate.

Existential Punk said...

Thanks for risking, Peter. Congrats!

Love you,

Peter said...

Thank YOU everyone!

Scott, thanks. It took me a lot longer to start my "JOURNEY" (I know, cliche) than you, but part of what gave me confidence that I was even "allowed to" was having friends like you who were brave enough to start asking first. I'm a people pleaser - harder for me to get the ball rolling.

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