Yup.  A few hundred people got some stupid fake e-mail from fake-me today:

I think this is a nice website,I like it very much.If you have time please
browse it.Maybe you can find some products that are suitable for you.Their
priciple is :100% original and brand new,100% satisfied! Their address is
www.sales-digital.com <http://www.sales-digital.com/> and E-mail is
Have a good time!

I hope you didn't click there.  If you know me, you'll know I don't call things "nice" or say "I like it very much."  Good Lord.

The most embarrassing thing is I have saved e-mail addresses of a few famous-ish people like Brian McLaren and Leonard Sweet in my address book, so I'm getting auto responses: "Brian McLaren is traveling, and will return your message later..." Please don't return my message, Brian.  I feel so uncool.

Then there are sarcastic responses, cluttering my inbox to staggering degrees: "This IS a nice website!  I'm glad I had the time to browse it!   The products they had were the most suitable I've ever seen.  The best part about the site was the 100% Priciple!

Keep me in the loop on more websites!"

Thanks Pat.  Cute.

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Eruesso said...

Spamming for Jesus? Your thoughts...

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