Gunn High School Sings Away Hate Group

My friend Darcee posted this video on her Facebook wall.  It encourages me to remember that there is reason for hope, and that kindhearted people WILL have the guts to stand against fear and hatred when the stakes are so high.

Sometimes I wonder if groups like the Westboro Baptist Church (famous for "God Hates YOU" picket signs, and protesting at the funerals of fallen US soldiers) are actually the concoction of a genius, subversive (slightly crazy) liberal thinktank seeking to unite progressives under a common banner of hope, peace, unity and kindness.  I wish.  The truth is, these angry folks actually exist.  And they're scared to death of the world God has created.


Al said...

Thanks for passing this along, Peter

tmamone said...

Great video!

I've noticed the WBC is targeting Jewish people more (although they still have plenty of hate for gays, dead soldiers, and everyone else). If the WBC comes by my area, I'll great them with a big ol' sign that says, "Jesus was Jewish!"

Peter said...

Awesome! You could really piss them off with a sign that says:

"King David was a man after God's own heart,
and a gay Jewish soldier!"

Peter said...

... but only if one would want to be controversial. Which I certainly wouldn't...

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