Good Friday: Necessity of Death?

It's 15 minutes past Good Friday.  It's a sobering, inspiring, devastating, puzzling moment in the Christian Calendar.

I'm working on a contribution for a book about Banned Questions on Jesus from Chalice Press.

One of the questions is: "
Why did Jesus have to suffer so much?" 

Without undermining copyright, my answer entails: 

Did Jesus have to suffer and die?  No, I don’t think God demanded it.  
But was it inevitable, given the innate conflict between darkness and light?  I think so.   
The suffering of goodness, under the tyranny of darkness, is an inevitable dynamic in the process of redemption.

Theological ramifications of this? Huge, I know...

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Country Parson said...

H'mm. You might want to take a look at my blog for some parallel thoughts.

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