Brandon Said: "Let's Steer Away From Glenn Beck..." AMEN!

My friend Brandon recently commented:
I too take offense to Glenn Beck's words about social justice. Thanks to you and Marcy for speaking up and letting others know that social justice is integral to the gospel.  I also wonder how we can steer this conversation away from Glenn Beck now. Beck and his Beckites are not going to budge from their stance, so how do we use the conversation he started and now turn it around for good? The sooner we cut Beck out of the social justice conversation (unless he wants to engage in an actual conversation, then I would say he is welcome) the sooner we can help those who are on the fence about it realize that it has nothing to do with Nazis or Communists.
Good call Brandon.  We give Beck way too much power by making him the center of our rage.
Becky Garrison sent me a link to join a meme of Christians who support the biblical call to social justice.  Here's my contribution...

Another friend sent me a link to this video, which is a FABULOUS way of turning negative momentum and even hate against itself, for good - a great answer to the sorts of things we CAN do:


Angela said...

Nice video. I don't understand where people get their crazy beliefs from and then act like it is the Christian way (like Glenn Beck). I also love all the videos I have seen of how the school handled that situation with WBC. They have enough for everyone, so the people standing up for themselves should act in love and try to teach them how they should be.

Becky said...

Way to go Peter. :)

Peter said...

My wife says I seem mean or angry in the video. Not my intention. Hopefully the fluffy kitties will de-emphasize any negativity from me ;)

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