Be Careful of Injured Creatures...

Have you ever been around a wounded animal?  It's awfully sad.  And perilous.  It doesn't matter - wild or domesticated - you can pity them, care for them, love them, tend to the wounds and try to help them heal... but while they're broken, they'll turn on you in a moment. The pain overpowers any other reasoning.  It's instinct.  Survival.  They can't understand your words.  They can't comprehend your motives.

It hurts, and they don't want to be touched.

There are a lot of hurting Christians in a similar place.  In a lot of cases, they're hurting because of the pre-packaged answers they've bought into.  But now those answers are all they really know: they're predictable, despite the pain.  And folks forget what it feels like not to hurt.

So when you try to help them, you have to be careful.  Get too close, and you'll get scratched or bit or worse.

I know it hurts, and I wish I could do more to help.


Lutestring said...

Very well said. I know this to be true from personal experience - and that includes myself as well as others.

I found that I would rather live by false, fake answers, than simply face the pain and confusion of having no answers for now.

This is poison and is no way to live.

Luke said...

extremely well said. instead of going after the new life in Christ, many of us tend to sit around and stew about the wounds that have been exposed. sometimes it's better to complain about what you now see than run the risk of transformation. there's more power and control in the former vs. the latter. in the latter, who knows where the Spirit comes from and where it will move us!


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