The Advocate: Jennifer Knapp Comes Out

Yesterday an article came out in The Advocate, among several other magazines: an interview with long-time Christian artist (who's been on hiatus for the last 7 years) Jennifer Knapp.  Knapp recently came out, and is exploring what it means to write and perform Christian music as a lesbian.

An article on summarizes well:

In interviews with Christianity Today and, Knapp, 33, a Dove Award-winning folk rock singer, acknowledges that the rumors are true: she's in a same-sex relationship.
"I don't want to come off as somebody who's shirking the truth in my life," she tells Christianity Today.
Knapp says in the interview that she's "absolutely" felt pressure to choose between her faith and her gay feelings.
Everyone around me made it absolutely clear that this is not an option for me, to invest in this other person, and for me to choose to do so would be a denial of my faith.
Scripture, she adds, has been her salvation.
The Bible has literally saved my life. I find myself between a rock and a hard place -- between the conservative evangelical who uses what most people refer to as the 'clobber verses' to refer to this loving relationship as an abomination, while they're eating shellfish and wearing clothes of five different fabrics, and various other Scriptures we could argue about.
I'm not capable of getting into the theological argument as to whether or not we should or shouldn't allow homosexuals within our church. There's a spirit that overrides that for me, and (that is) what I've been gravitating to in Christ and why I became a Christian in the first place.

In the Advocate interview, Knapp says she knows her coming out is "going to be shocking and feel like a betrayal to some people" who have been fans. Still, "I'm quite comfortable to live with parts of myself that don't make sense to you."

In 2008, another prominent Christian recording artist, Ray Bolz, came out.

I think it's really important that we (the Church) pay attention when these events take place.  Not because the cult of celebrity - Christian celebrity - needs more fuel.  But because these occurrences are opportunities for every conservative evangelical faith community to say, "hey, there's a serious, professing Christian who thinks differently about this issue..."

I don't expect theological attitudes to change overnight, but little by little, hearts can soften.  When that happens, people become open to relationships.  Relationships change everything!


WKen said...

To be perfectly honest about it, my view on homosexuality as sin is very simple: I don't care.

If it is one, then -- BONUS! -- there's a sin with which I don't struggle. (No offense, Peter!) Now I can focus on getting that plank out of my eye, and start moralizing about those specks in other people's eyes ...

If it isn't one, then -- BONUS! -- there's no need to moralize about it at all.

To be honest, there's enough sin in my own life that if I take the whole "remove the plank from your own eye" thing seriously then I don't have time to worry about it.

David Golden said...

I might have respect for someone who used the Bible to condemn homosexuality if they also approached divorce with the same rigorous standard. Jesus said anyone who divorces and remarries commits adultery. So where are the churches trying to break up those relationships, or outlaw remarriage? After all, ADULTERY is one of the big 10, not FORNICATION. Maybe it's because divorce happens to "people like us," and same sex relationships happen to "those people" (like Jennifer Knapp).

WKen said...

My theory on that, David, is that we always consider sins worse if we're not tempted to them ourselves.

If I may plug my old blog, I wrote about my theory here:

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