Tell Glenn Beck: I'm a Social Justice Christian

Glenn Beck recently told his listeners to leave any church that teaches social justice, and to report its pastor to church authorities. 
Yeah, the guy's a dick.

Since I'm a Christian who believes in the biblical call to social justice, I invite you join me in "reporting" yourself to Glenn Beck, and letting him know that the biblical call to social justice is good news--not fodder for "code word" scare tactics.
Click here to report yourself!


WKen said...

I've reported myself.

Beck is a McCarthyite only without as much class.

Sadly, I know several people who listen to the lunatic. That's very, very scary.

Peter said...

It's true. Very scary. I know a lot of his adherents, too.

Let the reports continue!

Al said...

I think it quite interesting that he calls people to: "leave any church that teaches social justice", when the specific reason I left my former church was because they did not teach (or, more importantly, practice) social justice.

I had hoped to find something that does have social justice as a prime part of their platform. So far, I am following the Nike directive. I am just doing it.

As a Canadian, I don't tend to follow US media too much, although it is hard to escape. So, I can't say I have much of an idea of who this guy is, nor do I particularly want to know.

Peter said...

Al, you definitely don't want to know. I wish I was Canadian...

Existential Punk said...

i reported myself but his inbox is full!It's no wonder when he says idiotic things like this!

Josh Mueller said...

If you get un "undeliverable mail" message, just copy the text of the original email and send it to:

You will get a response to confirm your email address and then fill out a word verification page as well.

It should go through if you follow all these steps.

Becca said... Hey Everybody! I'm sure you know this already, but..Don't just say you're a social justice Christian. Do justice! Search by skills, zip code or country :).

hey--Peter? wanna add us to your list of links?

Peter said...

Cool Becca, good call. You got it!

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