Hippie Music, Avoiding Burnout, Maintaining Joy and Hope

I visited a cafe last night and enjoyed music about the deep secrets of creeks and forests, about trees that speak, and magic dust that blows through the air. Do you remember your "good news," or has disappointment blunted your joy?


Al said...

Although I am trying not to be dualistic about things....
There are people who have no major dreams or goals, and those (like emergents and hippies) who want to change the world overnight.
The world is a better place for the efforts of people who might go super nova and then fizzle--rather than just coasting along and never really changing anything.

But I can see your point about patiently trusting that change is happening. Things don't usually happen according to our time line. Maybe not even according to God's.

Existential Punk said...

i love the lesbian music you have playing! ;)

Peter said...

Well put, Al. I agree we need dreamers, but too often [we] dreamers lose grip on our vision and "fizzle" too soon. I don't want to wait for things to happen, but I think it's important to hope and believe that invisible momentum exists.

I think the social movements of the 60s and 70s were just the start of something much bigger that is continuing today. I think emerging/missional movements are a small piece of that. There is a sort of consolidation and regrouping that has taken place as new generations come to redefine what that momentum will mean for us. And as the success of 1st and 2nd waves of feminism left 3rd wave with less urgency and cohesion, the civil rights movement and the peace movement lost steam and urgency, too.

I think in the midst of economic fallout, we're coming to understand as a society that wealth and suburban comfort can't solve our woes - it merely distracts us for a generation or two.

Adele! The Indigo Girls were just here in town, but I missed them!!

Anthony said...

As always, what we can do is:

1) Discern the Spirit
2) Do our damnedest
3) Apply the test of Gamaliel

Bad Alice said...

I was in a religion class with Amy Ray a lifetime ago - how appropriate. Well, enough name-dropping. You speak of the joy of the revolutionary or visionary. I think I am more of the drifter that Al mentions in his comment. Social change is something I feel lost in. The place where my little daily life intersects with the big picture isn't clear to me. My joys are personal joys, and they are hard enough to hang onto.

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