Adele & Peter: Conversations on Queer & Christian

Here is Part One of a larger video conversation that Adele and I hope you will enjoy. To learn more about Adele, please visit her at:

This is obviously sensitive, potentially controversial, and very PERSONAL content, here. I pray that those who find theological disagreement practice grace and humility in their responses. As my friend Jim Henderson at says, "When people like each other, the rules change." Adele is one of those rare and wonderful people whom God has worked through, to change the rules for me.


Susanne said...

Peter, found you via a link on Thanks for posting the video with you and Adele. It took courage from both of you, but it is so helpful to put a human face on the issue of gay and Christian. You are adding to the process of building bridges of understanding. Too many church goers base their treatment of others on what religion teaches instead of what Jesus teaches. I hope your videos stir up some useful and edifying dialog.

Existential punk said...

Great job editing, Peter! Looking forward to seeing the rest of our conversation!

Peter said...

Thanks Adele!

Susanne, I'm so glad you found me! Thanks for the kind words. I hope you'll visit again soon,

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