Adele Interview Part 5: "Claiming to know Christ... So unloving..."

In this 5th segment of my interview with Adele, she makes some especially poignant remarks that I think you'll appreciate.

When the online attacks from fundamentalist bloggers were at their peak on, Adele thought:

“If I weren’t already Christian, I wouldn’t want to be Christian…

“Who are these people who claim to know Christ and love Christ, but they are so unloving and unkind and ungenerous.

Adele also observes that “finding common ground” between divergent viewpoints requires “mutual respect.” So true, and so sadly lacking from too much cultural, religious and political dialogue today.


Existential Punk said...

Thanks so much, Peter, for doing all this editing! Fantastic job!

Love you,

Al said...

I love you guys more every episode! Sorry for being gushy, but this is really needful and good.
Blessings and peace, dear sister and brother.

Peter said...


Existential Punk said...

Ditto Al! Thanks so much!

Rhiannon Y Orizaga said...

"Stepford wife mantra" ahahaha! I got that from a friend just the other day. Ooooh I am with the queers on this. I will never be a "good Christian" ie Stepford wife. But eff that last time I checked Jesus' best girl friend wasn't either.
Adele, thankyouthankyouthankyou for mentioning the paucity of female voices in discussions of faith. This drives me crazy all the time. It breaks my heart that so many women in the church accept a second-class status.

Peter said...

Re: Female voices.


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