A Prayer of Anger

A Prayer of Anger, by John Shea... Actually, I'm not angry at all. I feel fine. But we read this poem tonight in class, and I was deeply moved. It reminds me of a book written by my college theatre professor, Tom Gressler, called Occasions of Sin.

Here's the poem...


No hymn of praise today.
No hand-clapping alleluia

For the All-Good God
And his marvelous handiwork.
A child has been born bad.
He gangles and twitches and shames
The undiscovered galaxies of your creation.
Why could not the hands
that strung the stars
Dip into that womb to bless and heal?
Please no voice from Job's Whirlwind
Saying how dare I. I dare!
Yet I know no answer comes
Save that tears dry up, skin knits,
And humans love broken things.
But to you who are always making pacts
You have my word on this -
On the final day of fire
After You have stripped me
(if there is breath left)
I will subpoena You to the stand
In the court of human pain.

John Shea

No call for theologizing, here. This a sort of raw, ugly, beautiful truth of a faithful heart speaking faithful outrage to God, for so much that is wrong. I wish more of us were this honest, this brave, and this faithful.


Existential Punk said...

Thanks, Peter, for sharing this raw and honest feeling about G-D! i'm gonna cross-post it on my blog.


Al said...

David ranted like this in the Psalms, and we recognize there is a place for that kind of talk within scripture.
In fact, I think there needs to be room for that kind of talk among ourselves. We all have questions about what God is up to, but don't usually feel safe in our environment to ask them. Instead we have tried to theologize something that gets God off the hook, but doesn't really answer our questions. There may well be answers, but I don't think we will necessarily find them.

Existential Punk said...

My post in relation to this poem is up now called 'How Dare i!':


Thanks again, Peter, for helping to spur this post!


Brandon K. Baker said...

thanks for sharing the poem Pete. it's very moving.

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