Anti-Queer Legislation in Uganda

I heard on NPR today about THE FELLOWSHIP's political movements in Uganda to illegalize, persecute and even execute homosexuals there.

Coincidentally (or not) my friend Adele, at her site, posted some startling information today concerning homosexuality in Africa:

Queer In Africa

I don't presume that all my readers are egalitarian on the issue of homosexuality, and as I've said before of gender issues, I have enjoyed the luxury of remaining somewhat neutral. In the last year, I have moved from that supposed (and often only illusory) "neutrality," to a much more supportive stance. Queer issues are human rights issues. Homosexuals, like women, First Nations people and other minorities, are "the least of these." They are the marginalized. Jesus came to set captives free.

Who have we prevented from reaching freedom? From equality? From emancipation?

My favorite Lauryn Hill song says, "It's freedom time..."


Wickle said...

So, yeah ...

Jesus did (at least by implication) voice some objection to the death penalty. He never said a word about homosexuality.

How, then, can it possibly be a Christian position that we should execute homosexuals?

Peter said...

Good question.

If the "Christian" position is co-opted to a far-right Republican or neo-con position, then the two can't be distinguished, making the question of what's "authentically Christian" irrelevant to what's orthodox conservatism. The same can be said of any political agendas, and I'm sure I'm guilty of similar abuses. There is a huge ontological difference, however, between erring on the side of rigidity, judgment and restrictive control - and erring on the side of openness, empowerment, freedom and tolerance.

Existential Punk said...

Thanks, Peter, for the shout out to Queermergent and this very important and disturbing issue!


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