What is "Neo-Liberalism"?

I found this video embedded at www.JesusRadicals.com (Irritable, thanks for the reminder about this site) and thought you might enjoy. Give it a chance, it's a little long - 8 minutes-ish.

So, not to grossly oversimplify, but: is neo-liberalism modern libertarianism? Yes, yes, I'm sure it's far more subtle...

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Irritable said...

Neoliberalism is a much broader umbrella. Neoliberalism is largely concerned with growth, and is willing to take non-libertarian measures to protect and promote that growth. Libertarians tend to be more concerned with fostering their definition of freedom. Or think of it this way: neoliberalism is to socialism as libertarianism is to anarchism. Confuse a socialist for an anarchist and you're liable to get punched in the mouth.

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