France: on Scientology

Is this good or bad for religious people, and religion, in general?

Paris, France (CNN) -- A French court's verdict against the Church of Scientology amounts to a "modern Inquisition" and threatens freedom of religion in France, a senior Scientologist said Tuesday
A three-judge panel at the Correctional Court in Paris convicted the church and six of its members of organized fraud, but stopped short of banning the church, as prosecutors had asked...

Maybe more religious sects and individual churches (and other so-called "non-profits") should be fined for their bad behavior. Maybe a lot of people have been fed a lot of false advertising for a long time. Sure, religion relies on intangibles like "hope" and "faith" so I wouldn't advocate holding them accountable for those. But promises of healing and/or material wealth and benefits? Even certain intangibles… I remember something about the selling of indulgences… a slippery slope? Am I just asking for persecution (another painfully-obvious manifestation of my White Guilt?) or should morally-conscious people advocate for justice and sensibility, even when it condemns their own temples?

Religion gets tenuous when it enters the business sales. And that convicts an awful lot of us.

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