Supreme Court/Gay Marriage: What's the Motive?

Interesting... the New York Times opens an interesting discussion on the motivation(s) of a conservative-based move to challenge California's Prop 8. Just a ploy to get a conservative Supreme Court to oppose it before the court gets decidedly more liberal?

Many were surprised to hear that Theodore B. Olson, a conservative luminary and President Bush’s solicitor general, filed a federal lawsuit to challenge California’s Proposition 8, the law banning same-sex marriage. Some on both sides of the debate have even questioned his motives.

For his part, Mr. Olson has expressed his hope that the lawsuit (in which he is partnering with David Boies) will lead to a ground-breaking Supreme Court decision — like Brown v. Board of Education or Roe v. Wade — legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide.

Is this the right time to go to a conservative Supreme Court with such a controversial issue — one that even President Obama has shied away from?

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Existential Punk said...

i saw these two guys on Chris MAtthews or some MNSBC show and i think they are legit. i am just not sure this is the right time to go before the Supreme Court. If they rule against us it could really set us back. i'd really have to do more research though on their actual motives.

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