The Strength NOT to Fight...

I've been skimming several books on conscientious objection in World War II and Vietnam...

I think there's a lot we (the Church) can learn from pacifists - beyond just military pacifism. These books explore the character and conviction of American pacifists through two seminal conflicts of the 20th Century.

In many instances, particularly in the Vietnam War, Mennonite and Quaker pacifists had legal avenues to avoid fighting. But they felt so opposed to participating with systems of power in any way, that they even refused to register as legal COs, and instead went to jail as a statement of their objection.

I object to a lot of the battles I see on TV. And in church. I think the casualties are often more damaging to us all than the causes behind such casualties.

Rob Bell says God's not angry. And I have to believe he's right. So why are WE (so called progressive-emerging-liberal-emergent-postmodern-open-minded-socially-emancipated people of faith) so violently furious? Fundamentalists of another stripe?

We can do better. I can do better. But there is risk in putting down our swords... we might go to jail. Or die.


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James said...

So true. So very true. Great post.

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