::intermission:: some greetings while you wait...

Adele and I are working on our "Starting With Our Weakness" post series, and aren't quite ready to begin. Meanwhile, I was looking at some recent traffic stats. I'm continually amazed, thrilled, and humbled by web traffic that gets to EmergingChristian.com from literally all over the world! Here are some quick and shallow shoutouts to recent visitors!

  • Ardsley, New York -
    Ardsley, what's up, thanks for stopping by!
  • Houston, Texas -
    Houston, nice, thanks for coming.
  • Phoenix, Arizona -
    Hot down there, eh?
  • Sheboygan, Wisconsin -
    Such a great name, Sheboygan!
  • Myrtle Beach, South Carolina -
    There's a Myrtle Beach Oregon. Very nice.
  • Bloomington, Illinois -
    Thanks for coming Bloomington!
  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana -
    Reminds me of the Garth Brooks song. Sweet!
  • Thorold, Ontario - Canada -
    Hello Ontario!
  • Louisville, Kentucky -
    I always forget how to pronounce that...
  • Corona, California -
    Like the beer... and the 70s Toyota. Sweet!
  • San Francisco, California -
    Great town! No place like it.
    Love Hitchcock's Vertigo!
  • Galion, Ohio -
    Galion, thanks for the visit!
  • Saint Paul, Minnesota -
    Must be Dr. James Dobson, one of my regular readers.
  • East Lansing, Michigan -
    Michigan, hang in there!
  • West Palm Beach, Florida -
    Sounds nice, very nice.
  • Toronto, Ontario - Canada -
    Another Canadian friend!
  • Mehoopany, Pennsylvania -
    Mehoopany, you win the name contest!
  • Oshawa, Ontario - Canada -
    Oshawa, fantastic!
  • Atlanta, Georgia -
    Rapper Ludacris came from Atlanta. And
    Designing Women!
  • Washington, DC -
    President Obama, I presume. Thanks for reading.
  • Odenville, Alabama -
    Shoutout to Alabama!
  • Sydney, New South Wales - Australia -
    G'day Australia!
  • Balikpapan, Kalimantan Timur - Indonesia -
    Try saying that three times fast!
  • Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan - Malaysia -
    Thanks for the visit, wow! Malaysia, Indonesia, talk about long-distance!
  • Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil -
    Brazil, thanks for reading!
  • Singapore -
    No hard feelings about that caning thing in the '90s, America loves you!
  • Auckland -
    New Zealand - Home of the
    Lord of the Rings! (you're probably sick of hearing that, eh?) Home of Flight of the Conchords! Beautiful!
  • Amersfoort, Utrecht - Netherlands -
    Ya'all behave over there! I
    know what goes on. Thanks for the visit!

Manners are important: you are welcome here. I appreciate the time you took to read this blog. I hope we can have some kind of community here. Whether you're excited, bored or horrified by what you find, I hope it made you think, and I hope you'll come back and visit!

Peter Walker
Oregon, USA


wilsonian said...

:) I would be the one from Thorold, Ontario, Canada. Well, my server is anyway. I live in a little town called Port Colborne.

Peace/Erin (aka wilsonian)

madcat said...

I'm the one from Singapore, and I believe some others who come here through my blog.

Oh you mean Michael Fay! That's so long ago.

Singapore is a beautiful city. We hosted the world's first night F1 city race last year.

Come visit us if you would! :D

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