Google: "was michael jackson a true christian"?


You're really still coming to my blog, trying to figure out whether "Michael Jackson was a 'TRUE Christian'"? That's still one of the top entries for arriving here (which probably doesn't say much for the success of this blog).

I have an assignment. Google: "making the world a better place."

Then Google: "the beatitudes."

Then Google: "the fruits of the spirit."

Then grab a pen and notebook pad, and journal about why you're obsessed about whether Michael Jackson was a "true Christian."

Oh. Good Lord. It's Christianity Today's fault... Is this really coming from Christian compassion? Concern for Mr. Jackson's afflicted soul? Or is it obsessive, religious voyeurism? I guess I can't say. I used to ask the same questions. Guilty-as-charged.


Existential Punk said...

i'm guilty as charged too from my pas t affiliation with religious fundamentalism. i guess people have nothing better to do with their time! :)

Wickle said...

Well, gee, won't you at least tell us?

Ha, ha ...

Seriously, Google searches are notoriously weird for what they steer toward blogs.

That's kind of funny, though.

Broken follower... said...

"That's still one of the top entries for arriving here (which probably doesn't say much for the success of this blog)."

If it makes you feel ANY better, I visit your blog everday (minus weekends when I don't have internet). I'm more interested in your questions, in your thoughts about living this life, in your view of God... I'm completely intrigued. :) Thank you for sharing your thoughts where I can read them ;) OH and I appreciate your humor and your willingness to be broken with everyone.

Sometimes I wonder if people get bored with their own lives, or too scared to actually live their own, so they get wrapped up and involved in other's. ;)

Brandon K. Baker said...

Just so you don't feel bad:

some of the top google searches that get people to my blog:

Brandon Baker naked
Brandon Baker shirtless
Sex with Cows

I have no idea how that last one got someone to my blog.

Peter said...

"Just so you don't feel bad"???

Brandon, now I'm devastated: TOTALLY jealous that people come to your blog looking for those things. You, my friend, are a blogger's blogger.

Jen just told me she got to your blog via "Brandon Baker shirtless." Takes all kinds.

Broken, thank you for the kind words. I'm so appreciative of online friends like you, willing to ask the same kinds of questions, and walk along in this journey...

Brandon K. Baker said...

for the record: I suspect that those who find my blog via those searches, including Jen, are looking for a picture of this guy shirtless:

For the record, I was Brandon Baker first by almost five months.

Anonymous said...

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